The model is not required to participate in a project that lasts more than 10 hours per day, if this has not been pre-agreed with the agency.
The producer is obliged to pay additional project costs per hour (per hour agreed fee plus 25%) if the duration of the project exceeds the agreed.
If the project is carried out between the hours of 24: 00-08: 00, a special advance agreement and the definition of a special fee are required.
Special charges:
TRAVEL DAY: 50% of the cost of the project
UNDERWEAR, SWIMWEAR: Plus 50% of the cost of the project at least.
OUTSIDE ATHENS: (50 km outside Athens) Plus 50% of the cost of the project.


The license depends on the product and the media. The license fee applies only to Greece and for one year from the day of invoicing. For advertising media such as posters, pizzas, trivision, stop shelters, buses, trolleys, metro, matrix in sports venues, in store promotion in the metro or other places e.g. department stores, newsstands, listings, publi, postcards, stickers, disc covers, product packaging, printed catalogs, registration campaigns, street advertising campaigns or advertising campaigns, internet, cinema, a special fee is charged depending on the product and the license advertising medium agreed between our office and the advertiser or the representative of the advertising company. A three-month written notice is required to secure a license to use promotional material beyond the first year of invoicing day. Our office, if it consents to the extension of the license, will charge for the 2nd year license fee at least 115% of the 1st license fee plus 20% service charge and for the 3rd year license fee 115% of the license fee 2nd year plus 20% service charge. A re-agreement between the agency and the client is required to secure the 4th year license. 2nd and 3rd year usage rights are paid in our office regardless of whether the model has changed office. The customer has the right to use the promotional material after paying the relevant invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing. If for any reason the advertising material is not used, the non-use of it must be notified within one week from the day of the execution of the project. In any other case as well as in the case that the model has already been proven paid, the total of the pre-agreed fee will be charged. In any other case, our office has the right to take any legal action to stop the promotion of the advertising material. ABROAD: In case of use of the advertising material outside Greece, the percentage increase is valid for each country and in case of use of the advertising material outside Greece or in other advertising means already agreed, written approval is required from our office. The present terms regarding the license for Greece and abroad include the work that has already been done in the past as long as the advertising material is still used.


The model is free to participate in competing product advertisements unless an exclusivity agreement has been signed in advance between the model, our office and the advertiser.


It is automatically canceled two working days before the suggested start time of the project if it cannot be confirmed. The same applies for a period of more than two days in case another project is presented and can be confirmed, provided that our office informs the customer about the cancellation of his option.


In case of postponement on the last working day before the start of the project, the charge is 50% of the cost of the project, after setting a new start date within 24 hours. Otherwise it is considered cancellation of the specific project and the charge is 100% of the project execution cost.
POSTPONEMENTS DUE TO WEATHER: In case the model has been presented at the place of execution of the project, the charge of the first postponement is 50% of the cost of execution of the project. The charge of the second postponement is charged with 100% of the cost of the project.
WEATHER PERMIT: In case the model is closed as a weather permit the customer should provide 2nd and 3rd option of another model, as the office reserves the right to close the model in another project where there is no weather permit condition.


They are accepted only if they are submitted in writing and take place within the working hours of our office from Monday to Friday and between the hours 09: 30-17: 30. In case of cancellation on the last working day from the day of project start, the principal / client is charged with 100% of the project execution cost. If canceled two working days before the start date of the project, the client must be charged with 50% of the cost of the project.

DIRECT BOOKING: All the relevant financial charges (model fee, air tickets and accommodation) as well as the percentage of the foreign agency and the service charge are obliged to be paid by the customer in cash immediately after the end of the project. In case of direct booking, even if the advertising material is not used, the pre-agreed fee must be paid in full.

CANCELLATION DIRECT BOOKING: In case of direct booking cancellation two working days before the arrival date of the model the customer is charged with 100% of the total agreement and with any other charge for ticket and hotel cancellations or any other charge arising from the model’s representative office abroad.


For all fees related to model work, an invoice is issued by our office. In addition, our office charges 20% service charge on the invoice for its services plus 24% VAT. Invoices are paid within 60 days of their issuance. Late invoices are charged with legal interest on arrears. The use of advertising material before the payment of the relevant invoice is prohibited, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Our office negotiates the amount of remuneration and the terms of execution of the project by the model, invoices and collects acting by order and on behalf of the models and although it makes every effort to offer satisfactory and adequate services to customers, it does not bears no responsibility for any positive or detrimental damage that may have resulted from any individual action of the model.


We would like to inform you that according to article 5 of Presidential Decree 62/1998, if a minor from 3-15 years old is used for the production of any advertisement, the prior permission of the relevant Labor Inspectorate is required. The application for the license is submitted by the producer of the advertising project. The relevant application must contain:

The child’s name.
B. His age
C. The type of activity in which he is going to be engaged and
The daily work schedule and its duration.
In order to be granted or extended the permit, the applicant must submit:

Report of the safety technician and / or occupational physician of the company or the Protection and Prevention Services with which he / she cooperates, that all the necessary measures have been taken for the protection of safety, health, (physical and mental), and physical, mental , moral or social development of the child.
Consent of the person who has custody of the child, as well as a statement of law 1599/86 stating:
That the child is not prevented from attending school regularly, from participating in vocational guidance or training programs approved by the competent authority, or from being able to benefit from the education provided; and
The total time of employment of the child in activities of paragraph 1 of this article during the year of submission of the application for the granting of the leave
Medical certification issued by the services of the National Health System (ESY) or the Social Insurance Institution (IKA) that there is no risk to the physical or mental health of the child from his employment in the specific activity . The working time of employed children may not exceed:
Two hours a day for children three to six years old
Three hours a day for children from six to eleven years and
Four hours a day for children from eleven to fifteen years old
The above hours of daily work may not coincide, during the school period, with the hours of school teaching. It is forbidden for children to work during the hours of 22.00 to 06.00 Children are entitled to a minimum rest of fourteen consecutive hours for each period of twenty-four hours. Children from 3 to 7 years old must be accompanied by their guardians during their employment.

[NOTE] For the publication of the photos of the models on our website, the consent of the interested parties has been given, and especially for the children, the consent of the parents-guardians has been given.